The Nicholson Quarter, Maidenhead

Project Type: Town Centre Regeneration
Stage: Planning Application Submitted

Nicholsons Quarter in Maidenhead is a ‘once in a lifetime’ urban revival opportunity, right in the centre of the historic Thames Valley town. The project is one of the first ‘shopping centre to town centre’ regeneration initiatives in the UK, designed specifically to address the changing landscape of high streets in our towns and cities.

The ground-breaking, people-focussed, mixed-use project will bring together several hundred new homes, workspace for over 2,000 thousand people, over 60 new flexible shops and restaurants that will be carefully curated and redefine the central core, breathing a new lease of life into this historic Thames Valley town.

High-quality, new buildings will enclose and define over 1.5 acres of new, open public realm in a more traditional urban form, reinstating the original streets and spaces lost by the development of the old shopping centre. Central to the plan will be the creation of ‘Sir Nicholas Winton Square,’ named by local residents in honour of Sir Nicholas’ extraordinary act of bravery during the Second World War.

The development proposals have come after considerable ‘Think Maidenhead’ research and the largest public engagement ever undertaken in the borough. Several thousand people, including many schools and colleges, took part in multiple workshops and hands-on planning. The commitment to proactive and participatory engagement will carry on after the application with a dedicated website and smartphone app where the community can continue to provide input.

Please download the Regeneration Summary below for more information.